picture Lori

Lori Favier. For as long as I can remember I have always loved foreign languages. After studying French, literature and languages at high school, I continued studying English and German with a module in Portuguese at university in Lyon. I fell in love with Portuguese so I asked the university if it would be possible to move to the second year of Portuguese. The university agreed, so I continued with a combined course of English and Portuguese, as well as modules in German and French sign language. Following this combined degree, I was accepted on a master’s degree to study Professional Translation with English and Portuguese as my working languages at the Institute of Translation, Interpreting and International Relations in Strasbourg. During my first year, I completed three internships – at the GIMUN conference, the subtitling of films and organisation of festivals in Strasbourg, as well as at a NGO in Portugal that is part of the Council of Europe and aims to promote community-based economic development My next and final internship will be at the European Parliament in Luxembourg. The objective for my career is to translate in European and international organisations, where I can translate documents in a wide range of fields and satisfy my wish for learning every day.


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