Elsa Cailletaud: Originally from Paris, I am now doing a Bachelor Degree in Multilingual Communication at the University of Geneva. English and Italian are my working languages. As a member of several associations in favour of sustainable development and a fan of urban greening initiatives and soft mobility, my plan is to work in the field of environment and social progress, perhaps as a translator. To me, values like those expressed by UNO in the Sustainable Development Goals program of the 2030 Agenda constitute a guideline, and the only way to promote them is for there to be effective communication between the present and future actors of change, notably with regard to international issues and all the problems faced by our societies. This is why we need to step into action now. Facilitating understanding is one of the first steps, however, initiative, open-mindedness and an associative spirit are needed to reach the next level of action. This is what I would like to get out of my experience translating within the GIMUN community. In return for this opportunity, I hope to be able to play my small part in working towards the common good at the heart of our society! Apart from my academic and professional activities, I like travelling, going to the theater, cinema and museum, cycling, hiking, cross-country skiing, gardening, photography and good food!


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