Trumps’ Populist Message Paves the Way for A New Kind of Political Correctness

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By Ashlee Pitts

Source: Creative Commons.

The antipathy for political correctness and the hunger for something new, even irrational or unpredictable, seemed to be the driving force behind the appeal of the new president-elect of the United States of America, Donald J. Trump. His policy proposals regarding issues ranging from criminal justice reform, trade, climate change, reproductive rights and combating global terrorism changed about as often as his one-on-one feuds with other politicians, celebrities, foreign leaders, journalists and even Pope Francis. Despite his lengthy list of scandals and the unprecedented amount of negative international news coverage, it appears that Trump’s rather unconventional populist message was in fact the winning strategy to secure the White House.
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Refugees and immigrants : open your eyes !

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Source : National Geographic

By Blanca Benitez

The large numbers of refugees coming to Europe over these last years has made lots of us very concerned. Conferences about the topic, politicians trying to offer solutions and great deal of articles in the newspapers… All of this had us wondering what we could do to help the situation. But do we really know what is going on? What can we do to help improve the situation? Two real stories from people who have suffered war, poverty and racism may make people see immigration in a different way. Read the rest of this entry »

Warfare on the Dark Web

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Sparkling water droplets in a spider web

By Ashlee Pitts

A 21st Century Phenomenon

Social media is arguably the most useful tool we have at our disposal to bring communities together and unite as one interconnected and multidimensional society. We use it to send invitations for leisurely social events and spread awareness to various causes. We also use it as a way to turn awareness into action by building a coalition for a rally or demonstration. The web delivers a freefall of unlimited global information and intelligence, thus creating an illusion of a world where borders and distances among nations are inconsequential. Read the rest of this entry »

Do We Have a Deal? The US-Iran Nuclear Agreement

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By Ashlee Pitts

As President Barack Obama approaches the final stretch of his second term in office he continues to make bold and in many cases controversial moves in order to push America forward, fulfill his political agenda and put his successor in the best position possible. In addition to being the Black president of the United States of America, his legacy will be associated with restoring diplomatic relations with Cuba after a fifty-five year conflict, implementing the Affordable Care Act (also known as “Obamacare”), initiating his Clean Power Plan, Osama Bin Laden’s assassination, nationwide economic prosperity and a low unemployment rate now in the mid-single digits. One significant and triumphant diplomatic event that would add to Obama’s list of Presidential achievements would be the passing of the Iran Nuclear Deal. The fate of the deal is still unclear.

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The Evolving Space Security Regime: Implementation, Compliance and New Initiatives

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So long and thanks for all the fish?

by Euan O’Neill


Whilst ancient astrologers used the position of the stars to tell the future and European explorers used the heavens to cross oceans and find ‘unknown’ territories, today we rely on signals from space to direct us to the nearest branch of Starbucks or to tell us the bus timetable. Read the rest of this entry »

U.S. Energy Independence a Myth, Other Options Possible

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By Wassim Cornet and Easha Acharya


Politicians across the American political spectrum have long advocated an energy policy that would ultimately lead to a so-called “energy independence”. Time and time again, this independence has been hailed as the solution to the average American paying high gas prices. During the last presidential campaign, Michelle Bachman and Newt Gingrich even announced specific amounts to which they would lower gas prices ($2 and $2.50 per gallon, respectively). Read the rest of this entry »