I’m Sara. I am a University of Leeds Graduate with a MA in Audiovisual Translation Studies. Born and raised in San Marino, or the ‘ancient land of freedom’, I am free by birth, but a globe-trotter by choice. I have a BA in Linguistic Mediation in English and French with a focus on active and passive translation and interpretation in both my working languages. In my trips abroad as a young student, I have developed strong communication skills in multicultural environments which eventually led me to seek a career in translation. Currently living the intern life by day as a translation trainee at the International Training Centre of the International Labour Organization in Turin, I am an avid TV-consumer and eager cinemagoer by night. I am interested in independent productions, TV drama and documentary as much as I am fascinated by Hollywood’s big productions. Just as all this was not enough to keep my mind working overtime, I also love creative writing. At the top of my reading (and writing) list are topics including lifestyle, cinema, international affairs, civil rights, women empowerment, international cooperation and politics. I am extremely pleased to join such a vibrant young community and hopefully I will be able to personally contribute to this blog by writing and translating articles. If you have a thing for anything translation, cinema and languages, check out my blog: https://themindsdelight.wordpress.com/.

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