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Loubna CHATTA: After graduating from the Geneva school of Journalism and Cinema, I spent 3 years in London, studying Creative Media production. Since a young age I always loved being creative, whether it was through drawing, writing, or dancing. With my studies and the few professional experiences that came with it, I have had the chance to mix my artistic inspiration with the knowledge and information I was interested in. These two different degrees that I achieved in the same field, allowed me to compare two completely different approaches, and left me with an open mind when it comes to writing or producing. What I am the most passionate about in this profession is the journey towards unveiling the truth, of a story, of an interviewee, or simply of a moment. The opportunity to write for a platform such as UNyouknow, is to me a unique occasion to explore ambitious topics related to International affairs, with freedom of angle and originality. So, for that, am very thankful and excited about the possibilities.

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