photo camille

Camille de Félice : I am enrolled on my last year of master at the University of Geneva. After my BA in Literature, I have started my training in international relations focusing on the Middle East at the Global Studies Institute in Geneva. I am currently on an exchange programme at the Faculty of Political Science at the francophone Galatasaray University in Istanbul. I’m bilingual (French and German), but also speak English and Spanish fluently. My passion for travelling and foreign cultures has lead me to seek adventure as far as South America and the Middle East, where I spent some time improving my language skills. Being a history, politics and philosophy enthusiast, I like to carry out research on today’s society and its functioning, especially through studying and understanding politics and the way people think. I’m particularly interested in radical groups, including nationalist and religious movements such as those rooted in Islamism. I would like to pursue an academic career focusing on topics such as the Middle East, Turkey specifically. Thanks to my knowledge of Turkish, I am trying to work with locals to be able to give voice to a variety of different people. Being a journalist at GIMUN 2015 has been a very rewarding experience which has led me to be involved in writing articles for the blog “UN, You Know ?!” I also had the chance to work at the students’ radio station and to participate in editing the journal of the Faculty of French. These experiences have allowed me to diversify my professional profile and provided me with an insight on arts and culture.

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