Join us ! Call for Editor-in-chief and Head of Translators

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GIMUN is a student-led NGO with special consultative status at the UN ECOSOC. Our goal is to educate about the UN and to promote the UN values amongst the Youth. One of our projects is this online blog “UNO, You Know ?!”.We give students with an interest in writing the chance to get accredited to the negotiations and events held at the UN and publish their articles here.

We are now recruiting to complete our management team for the blog. If you are a student, interested in international relations and in GIMUN, with very good skills in both english and french, here is your chance to contribute to our bilingual online journal. You will have the opportunity to manage a multicultural team, composed of journalists and translators from all over the world. You will then take responsibilities in our NGO.

Call for Editor-in-chief:

Position: As co-Editor-in-Chief, you will share the duties of running the blog with the other Editor. This involves recruiting and managing a team of journalists from all over the world, guiding them through the writing process, keeping them informed of conferences in Geneva that they could attend and write about, proof-reading articles and publishing them on the blog.

Profile :

  • Student (international relations, communication and journalism, social sciences, litterature…)
  • Very good skills in French and English
  • Able to devote a few hours per week to the blog (5 hours, with some flexibility
  • A good team worker and leader
  • Able to meet deadlines and take initiative
  • Interested in international affairs
  • Keen on gaining hands-on experience in the field of journalism
  • Preferably based in Geneva

Call for Head of Translators:

Position: GIMUN aims to be completely bilingual in French and English. As Head of Translators you will be supporting GIMUN in this goal. You will be in charge of the team of translators that are working for the blog. You will be working closely together with the two Editors-in-Chief of the blog in order to ensure the overall quality of the blog.

Profile :

  • A language student (French & English) or a translation student in your last year of Bachelor or in your Masters
  • Flexible throughout the year (2 hours per week)
  • A good team worker
  • Able to meet deadlines
  • Interested in international affairs
  • Keen on gaining hands-on experience in translating

If you are interested, then send us your CV and cover letter to before October 1st 2016.



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