All change for the GIMUN blog team!

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You may not have not noticed, but over the last few months “UNO You Know!?” has gone through a period of transition, and since the start of the new academic year, the GIMUN blog’s team has changed.  There are now two new editors, a new head of translation, and several new journalists and translators.

Alice and Marie-Ambrym are now in charge of managing the blog, and Chiara is running the blog’s various translation projects.  As for our contributors, know that they are all the more motivated to offer the best quality articles and to share their points of view on a diverse range of international news stories.  Located not just in Geneva, but also in Boston, Ankara, Kabul, Accra, York, and Athens, our journalists come from a range of backgrounds and are studying a wide variety of different subjects.  If you’re feeling inquisitive, feel free to have a look at our portraits gallery to find out more about them!

And let’s not forget the wonderful work of our translators, who work to maintain the blog’s bilingual aspect – the true GIMUN spirit.  Find out more about them and what they are up to in their biographies.

A new team means new projects, so get ready for a year full of surprises…

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