Last Wednesday at the MUN Delegation (week 3)

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By Nour Honein

Every week, a participant in this GIMUN activity gives us her perspective on the latest session. Find out what happened in last week’s session…


Before making a big decision that might affect your own life, you have debates in your head. You consider the pros and the cons and after long hours of thinking you come to a resolution.

Well, that is basically how it goes during UN conferences. However, these decisions could not only impact your own life but also the life of millions of other human beings. That is what we call a resolution. On Wednesday the 14th of October, during the 3rd week of the MUN delegation session, we talked about the major goal of UN conferences, which is coming up with a resolution at the end of each topic debate. As representatives of countries, after conversing with our allies and discussing every aspect of the question, we are expected to come up with a list of decisions, keeping in mind the main goals of these conferences. We split into blocks and each of these groups have to write down their resolution based on how this topic impacts their countries.

Just know that whether you’re the delegate that gives the most creative ideas, or the one that’s silently nodding their head and agreeing with others, you’re still a part of this resolution and you’re expected to stand behind it as much as required. And that’s how most world problems are handled. From climate change and scarcity of resources to the Arab Spring. You name it. Now that you know what happens behind the scenes, you might want to stick around for more. Stay tuned!

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