Last Wednesday at the MUN Delegation (week 2)

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By Nour Honein

Every week, a participant in this GIMUN activity gives us her perspective on the latest session. Find out what happened in last week’s session…

Whether you arrived here by chance or wanted a follow-up of last week’s session, we promise you that when you are done reading this, you will feel as involved in this program as we did during the last session of the MUN delegation on Wednesday, the 7th of October. Just like at any other conference at the UN, we started off with the roll call and found out which countries were present at that time. And what better way to engage ourselves in this program than by representing the country we were assigned and stating its presence in the session? Following the roll call and a recapitulation of last week’s session, the head delegates explained to us in detail how to write a position paper. Similarly to what happens in committees, every country has to explain their position in relation to a certain topic. Historical facts and recent statistics help support the delegate’s plea by giving authenticity to their words. Following this, we were introduced to the notion of the opening speech. Given the fact that it’s the first impression the delegate gives on the first day, we understood the importance of this part of the conference. After an in-depth explanation, we were given 15 minutes to write an opening speech about the following matter: ensuring respect for international law in the Occupied Palestinian Territory, including East Jerusalem. Next, we had the chance to practice our public speaking skills by giving that speech in front of our fellow delegates. Despite it being a very challenging task, we managed to face one of many peoples’ fears and got through it without anyone fainting, which says a lot about the delegation already. Although we never know what might happen next! Stay tuned.

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