The US, Ukraine’s biggest fan

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by Regina Oladipo

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It would seem that the United States are struggling to maintain a strong hand over the situation in Ukraine. Whilst other European countries such as Germany and the United Kingdom are taking a rather wimpy and weak approach to the issues with Russia. America has made active gestures to attempt a unification of Europe against the federation of Russia.

Instead of to fight against the threat of Russia and her official annexation of Crimea on Friday, the primary countries of Europe are sleeping. Germany and Italy seem too concerned with the 30% of energy that they receive from Russia and the United Kingdom are preoccupied with the many Russian Billionaires that contribute so much to the UK economy. Intervention is down to political gain but the United States seem to be the only nation concerned with the people of Ukraine. As President Obama said last Monday, “The Ukrainian people do not have to choose between East and West. On the contrary, it’s important that Ukraine have good relations with the United States, Russia, and Europe. As I’ve said, the future of Ukraine ought to be decided by the people of Ukraine.”

With America being the only nation to exert sanctions, Russia is the naughty child that is getting away with murder – literally. Even though there have been various rumours that USA are planning to support Ukraine by providing them with arms and military aid, this is hardly a situation requiring arms, it’s a situation that requires mutual agreements and peaceful negotiations. In order to get to that point, we need to fully understand why Russia want Ukraine and why they are being so aggressive about it. As powerful as she is, the USA cannot do this alone. The question is not in regards to the USA’s commitment to Europe, but the European states’ commitment to the cause they should be fighting for, Ukraine’s independence and sovereignty.

Yesterday morning, President Obama, was in the Netherlands concerning discussion on how far Europe would go to stop Russia from moving on further into Ukraine if possible. The key thing here, is that USA have looked ahead and learnt from previous Soviet patterns, if Russia manage to take over more ground in Ukraine, there is nothing stopping them from invading into other former Soviet states such as Moldova. America seeks to lead a European effort to stop Russia, but the fact of the matter is that the situation is much bigger than saving the Ukraine. By exerting the right amount of force on Russia, unified states will not only save Ukraine but the whole of Europe too. It is imperative that Europe unite to prevent a revival of the former Soviet Union.


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