Lucie Cathelain

Lucie Cathelain: I am currently a Master’s student studying translation in Brussels. Following my Applied Foreign Languages (English and German) degree at the University of Valenciennes, I decided to study more specialist subjects within the foreign languages domain. The Belgian capital, with its cosmopolitan vibe appealed to me and inspired me to study translation. It was an English teacher at high school who, through their teaching style, got me interested in

learning foreign languages. Ever since, I have added German, Dutch and more recently

Croatian (which is far from fluent!) to my language combination. Through my trips to different European countries, I was able to improve my language skills. Furthermore, I realised that

language is the main vehicle for communication and that it enables people to understand one

another. And that is where the importance of international relations come into play! In this

way, by translating for the GIMUN “UNO, You Know?!” blog, I hope to be able to help and to

learn more about this field which is, in my eyes, of the utmost importance in today’s world.


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