Photo du 26-11-14 à 15.58

Loan Walter: I was born in Lyon and quickly got to discover other parts of France as my parents kept moving. After I graduated from high-school with a diploma in Science, I was happy to go back to the city I was born in to start university. Being passionate about languages since I was a kid, I decided to study a Bachelor in English literature, civilization and linguistics. I participated in an exchange programme for two semesters in Toronto, Canada, which really changed my vision of life. Once I was back home, I started to get itchy feet again and that led me to spend one year of university in Aix-en-Provence and to travel twice to Spain, one of them being for an Erasmus stay in Salamanca.
In September 2014, I joined the FTI at the University of Geneva where I started my first year of a Masters’ programme in translation. I translate from English and Spanish to French.
I love the multiculturalism here in Geneva and the fact that it is so international! It is a great pleasure and honour to be translator for GIMUN. I find it to be an extremely valuable project and translating is how I get involved!

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