Kathleen Fauquenot

Kathleen Fauquenot: As a student in my 3rd year of a Undergraduate degree in Multilingual Communication in the department of Translation and Interpreting at the University of Geneva, I decided to put theory into practice and volunteer as a translator for GIMUN. This decision was as practical as it was charitable because, experience aside, this voluntary work will give me the opportunity to promote principals that are close to my heart, such as respect, exchange and

Before I became interested in translation, I studied cinema in the USA, where I discovered a new culture and way of thinking. Furthermore, I worked in London in the arts sector, setting up independent photography projects with dancers. Having taken up classical dance at the age of four, I have always been drawn to art, particularly performing arts and theatre production.
For me, translation is just as much of an art form, because transferring ideas from different languages and cultures is classed as creative writing, particularly when it comes to audiovisual and literary translation – the fields I hope to specialise in. I hope to help GIMUN as much as possible throughout the 2015-2016 academic year and I relish the opportunity to explore the world of translation that lies beyond student life.

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