Chiara Limongelli

Chiara Limongelli: Born and raised in Rome, Italy, I have always been an extremely communicative person as well as a passionate traveller. The urgent need to fully express myself, knocking down linguistic and cultural barriers, is what led me to embark upon a career in translation. Accordingly, I moved to Trieste, in northern Italy, lured by the Faculty for interpreters and translators. Yet, one year later, in September 2013, I enrolled in the Bachelor in multilingual communication offered at the University of Geneva in search for a more stimulating environment that would have matched my previous experiences in multicultural cities such as Oxford, York and Valencia. Throughout the past academic year, I pursued my studies at the University College of Dublin. During this stay in Ireland, I seized the opportunity to acquire a deeper understanding of international politics dynamics by drawing upon Political Science modules. This insight into international affairs has been so enlightening to strengthen my interest into global issues and make me consider carrying on my studies into the so-related field. Once my Erasmus came to an end, I worked as an intern in a translation agency in Bologna where I learned to manage deadline pressure whilst dealing with both passive and active translations within a professional setting. Currently I am in my last year of Bachelor’s degree with a language combination encompassing French, English and Spanish; nonetheless, I would relish counting German among my linguistics skills in the foreseeable future. I am honoured to form part of the GIMUN’s crew and therefore contribute to raise awareness about the potential of collective effort in the build up of a safer, prosperous, peaceful and more egalitarian world.

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